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Duplicate W2 - Common Sense Policy For People Who, "Need Another W-2"

It is time to send out your W-2, W-3 forms to your employees and the Social Security Administration for the end of the year. These are also known as Employee Withholding Forms to record Employee Withholding Taxes. It never fails that just when you thought all your employee information was updated there will be one or two people who tell you, "I need a duplicate W2 form, because you sent the original one to my old address." You will make corrections on ALL your records and files for these changes!
And, for employees - it is not the job of the business owner or your boss to babysit you. Take responsibility for your own business. If you move and change your address, tell the human resources department - in writing - as soon as possible - even if it is only one person in charge. if you ever need a reference you will be glad you behaved so responsibly!
To help business owners decrease phone call requests for duplicate W-2's and to avoid sending a duplicate W2 to the wrong person (an ex-spouse for example), you'll want to develop a policy and procedure that uses these points:
1. Take requests for duplicate W-2's - only - in writing!
2. When issuing a duplicate W-2:
o Type or write (Do they even sell typewriters anymore?) "REISSUED STATEMENT" in the upper right-hand corner on all copies of the W-2. you may use a copy of the employer's copy - This is accepted procedure.
o If you are mailing a W-2 to former employees, make a copy of the envelope showing the address that you used and put the date you mailed the duplicate on the photocopy - with a notation clearly stating it is the date and address of the original W-2 mailing.
o If a W-2 is returned, keep it in the envelope. If you hear from the employee, put this envelope in another envelope and mail it to the corrected address. If you do not hear from the employee, keep the returned W-2 for at least 4 years as proof that it was mailed by the correct deadline.
Best policy: Create a "W-2 Request Form."
1. What employee data should go on the form?
2. Is there any company data you should include?
3. How can you make sure this form will provide proof that you met your legal obligations for the IRS?
The answers to those questions are in this Duplicate W-2 Request Form Example:
Please complete and submit the following request to order a copy of your W-2 Form, or to ask "Your Business Name" a question about W-2 related matters.
* Name: _____________________________
* Address: _____________________________
* City: _________________ * State: ___________________ * Zip: ______________
* If this is a new address, please check here_____ (Authorizes payroll to update address record)
* Daytime Phone: ________________
* Employee #: _________________
* I would like to request a copy of my W-2 Form __________ (check here)
* The year for which I need form W-2 is: _________ (Please use 4 digit year numbers - 2009, for example)
Have a question about your W-2 Form? Please use the space below to clearly state your question.
Be sure to provide as much detail as possible, as this will help expedite a resolution. Thank you!
CYA has never been so easy. Just make sure you do! Find your W-2 forms free at, where they also have online W-2 instructions, W-2 Forms Online, and W-2 deadline information.

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