Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About Our Company

ATS was first conceived on the 4th of July 1985 in the historic Benicia City Park landmarked by the gazebo pictured here to the left. On this day, numerous towns people came together to picnic in the park, enjoy the entertainment in the gazebo and wait for the waterfront fireworks that night. Amongst the many picnickers were a few members of a local church discussing some community needs. Out of this small group of friends across the subject of needing a local full-time tax office. At that time both Frank and Sylvia Barata were employed as tax specialists with the IRS and intrigued by the idea of fulfilling this need. Within a few weeks Sylvia chose to leave her ten year IRS career and take on the challenge while Frank kept a foothold at the IRS. With the financial support of Gene and Nancy Duplin, active ATS partners for the first two years, an office was secured in August and the Benicia phone number 745-1040 was captured.

Unlike many established tax practices, ATS had no clients. By way of advertising via mailers, articles, commercials, live radio call-in talk programs and many personal presentation, ATS began to grow. Many of the first comers are still with us today and we continue to strengthen our relationships. The confidence, trust and loyalty portrayed by ATS clients, old and new, is an affirmation that the idea conceived on July 4th 1985 was a true inspiration and reminder of our original purpose.

ATS has become a growing family serving clients coast to coast. Over the years, the clients have given us the name "Tax Angels".  The "Tax Angels" continue to live up to this calling. They remain true and loyal to these clients by providing quality tax services.

The "Tax Angels" thank you for your confidence and trust, and value your referrals.

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