Sunday, September 15, 2013

Small Business Tax Deductions

Small business tax deductions are implemented by the government to encourage entrepreneurship and investment. A business owner can save large amounts of money through these small business tax deductions. Special small business tax deductions are granted for home based business establishments.
Small business tax deductions are usually implemented on the expenses involved in the business. These expenses include office stationeries, advertisements, postage charges, shipping fees, telephone bills, and Internet charges. The receipts of each purchase should be produced while filing for the taxes. In case a business owner joins any franchise, expenses such as franchise fees and kits can be claimed as deduction. Even the gift items and freebies given to the customers are accounted as business expenses and thus attract small business tax deductions. Business owners usually have to face the problem of bounced checks received from customers. These checks along with the bank fees can be utilized for claiming tax deductions. The rules governing small business tax deductions have special provisions for business owners who have purchased computers. The business owner can claim for tax deduction in an amount equivalent to the cost of the computers. Additionally, he/she can claim depreciation for 3 years following the purchase of the computers.
The tax deductions largely depend on the type of business and the expenses that are involved. A business owner should ideally consult a professional tax advisor before filing for taxes. Taking the business structure into consideration, the tax advisor would be able to give the best suggestions regarding small business tax deductions. He/she can also help the owner adjust the income so as to attract the maximum deductions. Small business tax deductions thus help in avoid paying high taxes, which in turn helps in the growth of the business.

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