Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome to 2014

 Another year has gone by. And as usual there have been many tax law changes. Remember, we are available year-round to help you find tax and financial solutions to your everyday needs. We are more than number crunchers. We are people who care about you and your desire to improve your tax and financial picture. Our goal is to grow ATS by maintaining a mutually satisfying and long-lasting relationship with you.  We thank you for your continued business. We appreciate and invite new clients through your referrals to friends, family and business associates.  We will continue to reward you for your efforts. We encourage you to promote our services. We, “The Tax Angels”, are here to watch over you and guide you through the vast tax abyss.
For your convenience our website provides helpful information. You can learn about the services and the beginnings of ATS, the Tax Angel staff professional affiliates and key partners. You can also print client information documents necessary for your tax appointment as well as the checklist to help you prepare for your appointment. Under helpful hints you will find items such as guidelines for valuing noncash donations, current mileage rates, recordkeeping requirements and more. Our goal is to keep you informed with up-to-date tax changes via our newsletter or postings on our blog. We welcome your ideas and suggestions to improve this tool. Remember the website is designed for you!
ATS Tax and Financial Solutions now have 8 Angels on its staff: 2 Tax Professionals, 2 Business Accountants, and 4 Office Support Angels. We also have a working relationship with: Estate Trust Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Mortgage Broker, Financial Advisor, Payroll Service Provider and more.
We invite you to communicate via email with Deborah, our Client Relations Specialist, whom everyone adores. You can ask questions, make an appointment or just say hi to brighten her day.  Any Tax questions will be forwarded to the appropriate Tax Angel for a response.
With sincere gratitude and appreciation,
Sylvia Barata, CEO and President
And all the Tax Angels at ATS

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