Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July Striped Carved Watermelon Bowl Nita Gill Presents - How to make beautiful watermelon fruit salad bowls that are more impressive than your ordinary watermelon basket or watermelon bowl. Star spangled red, white and blue fruit salad makes this perfect for 4th of July celebrations.

Lots of people have been asking so here is the name of the app. It's called iWatermelon. But I don't necessarily recommend it. Turns out, it's not very accurate.

Here are a couple of answers to questions that come up a lot.

Yes, apples and pears are white and can be used for the fruit salad. The reason I choose not to use them is because they oxidize and brown easily.

Yes, you can dip in lemon juice to slow down the oxidization. The lemon juice will slow it down but will not prevent the browning. Soaking your cut apples in cold salted water will also slow down the browning (but not prevent it). Some apples brown more quickly and easily than others.

That white root vegetable that sounds like Hikama is spelled Jicama.

Of course you can use honeydew melon or other melon that is almost white. It's your fruit salad. You may be creative in whatever way you like.

Have fun carving your own watermelon bowl.

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